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ROTATING JERRYCANS (...running water)

Procurement of water in Africa is often a very difficult issue. Usually, women and children have to carry heavy plastic containers or buckets on their heads or on their backs in order to supply water to their families in places where there is a lack of running water.

The rotating jerrycans allows them to transport water without spending too much effort. The rotating jerrycan is a health certified, hermetic and hygienic round plastic jug for transporting food. It can be inserted into the tire of a car and is capable of rolling over on any type of floor.

Our goal is to buy 30 rotating jerrycans in Italy and transport them to the Democratic Republic of Congo for the following purposes:


We have decided to provide funding to the women who belong to the Cooperative "Amies de Chiara", because we want this Cooperative to be the entity to take collective decisiona and support its members in difficulty. This will make sure that no woman is left alone.

Responsible people for the realization of the project:

The Price:

Funding: to be decided with the Lions Club Lanciano.