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It has been just three years since we have founded the


association with our dear friends in 2015. Our goal has been to support and provide relief to kids and widows of one of the richest but at the same time one of the most exploited regions of Congo, the North KIVU.

The wars, the absence of institutions, the exploitation of natural resources by richer countries left the population of this region to survive in barracks without any water, electricity, sanitary services and schools.

The sensibility and the generosity of the residents of Lanciano and other citizens allowed us to provide many urgent necessities pointed out to us by Sister Birigitte and Madame Bibiche. The aforementioned courageous women live in this region and tirelessly work for the good of their people.

With this third edition of our diary, we would like to showcase all our completed projects in absolute transparency.

This will allow our contributors and supporters to feel a part of the good things done for the kids and widows od North KIVU.

When we look back, it almost seems impossible to have been able to accomplish this many projects which gave hope to our brothers and sisters in Goma and Bukavu.

Lanciano, December 2018

(Mum, tomorrow the teacher will quiz me!)

The school "Reina de la Paz", was given its dignity back when its stone floor and non existent furniture have been replaced by painted walls, a new floor, real windows as well as desks and chairs.

The school now hosts 550 kids in kindergarden and elementary school. The association has acquired an adjacent land to construct 2 classes for middle school. This year the middle school commenced as well.

Families of some 50 kids did not have the financial resources to send their kids to school. To help those kids, we founded the SSD (Supporting for Study from the Distance) project.
The project has been supported by many generous friends. Their monthly contribution of 15 € helped these little souls.


with the help of Sister Brigitte, contributed 750 € each month so that these 50 kids could go to school.

Every contributor is provided with the photo of "his/her" child. This helps to build friendship and awareness.

The beneficiaries of SSD project finally have a "normal" meal

(Little joyful kids)

During the first few months of the year Sister Brigitte was sent to Kigali in Rwanda to open a new kindergarden.


contributed to the furniture expenses of the classroom. Under Sister Brigitte's management the kindergarden has been filled with happy kids.

The kids of the kindergarden

It’s time for breakfast

(A healthy mind in a healthy body)

The medical centre, which has opened last year with the help of Don Jean, now has a young and enthusiastic staff (a doctor, various nurses and cleaning personnel)

Medical equipment

who help people seeking medical assistance.

A health assistant working with a microscope

With the help of local pharmacies and doctors,


has provided various medicines, materials for personal hygiene.
Finally a cardiotocograph (diagnostic device that allows the monitoring of fetal heart rate and uterine contractions of parturients) donated by the Ortona hospital.


When Don Jean visited Goma recently, he managed to find a semi-new car which can transport the sick and help with the various needs of the facility.


has been busy with asking for funds to provide the cost of an "all purpose ambulance" needed for the medical centre.

The Ambulance

(Sewing school at Goma)

One of the most important objectives of the association is to provide work opportunities and instruments to the moms and dads of poor kids.
This year we were presented with an extraordinary opportunity. Vincenzo Giancristofaro, a very dear friend of the asccosication, wanted to donate the equipment from one of his workshops in Lanciano.
The machines and the cylinder heads were put in wood containers and were given to the door to door cargo agency together with other precious materials (one pc, one printer and a scanner, two boxes of footwear and other materials).

The computer and the printer donated to the secretary

The aforementioned agency has relationships with Congo, Goma in particular.


Sending the sewing machines

(The entertainment section of life)

Let’s continue with a lighter argument. The only form of recreation for the young Africans is football.
Even Don Jean, our irreplaceable bridge with Africa is a great player and fan. Acquachiaracongo procured the necessary clothes and equipment for 2 teams in Don Jeanàs city and 2 teams at the "Reina de la Paz" school.

Football team of the school

Trainig on heavy ground

(A warm internal hug)

Don Jean goes back to his country for a couple of days every year. In October, we asked Don Jean boxes of Nesquik, thanks to a personal initiative of one of the friends of the association.
Now, the kids of "Reina de la Paz" can enjoy the chocolate and benefit the vitamins at their breakfast.

Breakfast with Nesquik

Just a few days ago someone overheard us when we were talking about this initiative at the bar.
This person immediately offered to repeat this donation and bought other boxes Nesquik. It will be or mission to send them.

(Doing good is the only type of investment that never fails)

Other initiatives have come had positive outcomes during the year:

  1. Christmas Lottery
  2. "G.Pascoli" Institute of Frigento (Av)
  3. Catechism Madonna del Ponte
  4. Agape Group Ortona

(To participate is important)

We have organized our first lottery in order to collect funds.
The winners were given 3 amazing art pieces donated by one of our dearest friends who is also a painter.
The tickets were sold out very quickly and the 3 winners were very happy to receive their precious paintings.

The paintings

The winner of the 1st prize

(School is the teacher of life! )

Frigento is a small town in the province of Avellino.
Professor Paoletta works at "G.Pascoli" Institute of Frigento. She was one of the closest friends of Chiara. They used to teach together in a city near Bologna.
Come to know about our association, Paoletta felt she had to make her school aware of giving a tangible sign of adhesion and sharing.
The school, the teaching staff, the students, the headmaster, all have been activated in an extraordinary way, producing "at home", in the school's laboratories, a number of wonderful objects that only the photos can somehow describe.

Teachers and students rebuild the Nativity Scene

The Nativity Scene: Done!

Solidarity for the kids of Congo

The two teachers, coordinators of the Solidarity project, are satisfied with the result obtained

The objects were sold at a very good price and the money was donated to the association.
Thanks to the donation, we were able to build 2 new classrooms where the first 2 middle school classes are being held.

The 2 classrooms of the middle school which were built with the donations of the teachers and students of "G.Pascoli" Institute of Frigento

(Catechism in the Cathedral )

he young members of the parish of the Cathedral of Lanciano, who came to know the association's activities, gave their contribution by carrying out an original initiative that ended with the offering of palm trees blessed on Palm Sunday to the faithful of the various daily masses.
Their generous contribution has been entirely used for the necessities of the Medical Centre.

(Free love )

In Ortona, at Don Jean’s parish there is a very active group of young women. Just like G. Pascoli Institute of Frigento, they produced a variety of gadgets which were sold at a beneficiary event.
The money received has been donated to the medical centre for the foundation of modern hygiene services.

The girls of the Agape Group in Ortona


In 2019 we would like to dedicate ourselves to the projects which are still running. We would like to improve our efficiency and if possible, extend the range of our actions.
This quick summary of 2018 represents an annual log of activities. All friends of Acquachiaracongo can access this document which shows all the completed projects in detail. The friends of Acquachiaracongo can see that their contribution helps alleviate the sufferings of many people in one of the forgotten zones in Africa.
We hope this document will help the friends of Acquachiaracongo to diffuse our message of solidarity and prove the transparency of our association..