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From a benefactor, our friend in Brescia, 9 December 2015

...I visited the website. It clearly shows the situation of the places and especially of the school. I decided to contribute to desks and chairs thinking that students need them to write, to read, to study therefore to learn. This project is particularly very dear to me...

From a benefactor, our friend in Ancona, Monday 4 January 2016

...I decided to send you a significant amount. Whoever needs help often cannot wait for it!

We like the idea of this beautiful initiative in order to honor your daughter Chiara. It is oriented towards the necessities of a bruised humanity. We especially like the task directed at education. We think that, from the times of Father Lupi in Brasil, this is fundamental. We also imagine that you might need other necessities as well, such as sanitary help.

The fact is that you are being supported by good and humanely rich people who knows about these places and urgencies. And this gives us some comfort...