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MICROCREDIT (...let's give them credit)

Microcredit is an economical development tool which allows people with conditions of extreme poverty to have access to the financial services. It can be compared to a loan of honor. This innovative method had proven to be efficient and its rate of return is more than 95%.

Our initiative foresees to give a little financing which can help 10 widows of the "Amies de Chiara" Cooperative who live in Bukavu and who want to carry out some kind of autonomous activities in order to sustain their families' needs.

Some small merchants of Bukavu, recipients of our microcredit


We have decided to provide funding to the women who belong to the "Amies de Chiara" Cooperative because we want this same group to take collective decisions and support the members who are in trouble. In doing so no woman will feel abandoned.

Responsible person for the realization of the project: Mrs. Bibishe Nsimire, president ot the "Amies de Chiara" Cooperative

Price: the value one microcredit or one loan of honor = € 100,00

Estimated total prize: for ten women of the cooperative = € 1.000,00

Financing: contribution by friends and supporters of "Acqua Chiara Congo".