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With the help of our dear friends, just two years ago, we founded


association. Our goal was to provide support and relief to the widows and children of North KIVU.
This rich region of Congo has been the victim of wars, lack of institutions and exploitation by richer nations. Consequently, the majority of the population is forced to live in barracks without water, electricity, health services and education.

The sensibility and generosity of residents of Lanciano during these last two years allowed us to provide the urgent necessities as indicated by Sister Brigitte and Madame Bibiche. Sister Brigitte and Madame Bibiche work day and night for the good of their people.

With this diary we would like to inform you of all the projects we have realised so far. We hope that whoever contributed can feel that they have participated in all the good things that have been done so far for the kids and the widows of this region.

Lanciano, January 2018

(Bibiche Sewing School)

Our collaborator and reference point Sister Brigitte initiated a dress making project in an effort to give jobs to the widows of Goma. After the success of this workshop in 2016, Madame Bibiche was able to realize the same project in Bukavu. The association raised 1000 € and bought sewing machines and other necessary equipment.

Beneficiaries working at the workshop

(Now everything is as smooth as silk)

During the first year of our association we were able to finalize almost all the floor works of the classrooms at "Reina de La Paz" school. There were 2 classrooms left to complete and plans were made to intervene as soon as possible.

March 2017. We can finally confirm that floors of all the classrooms of "Reina de La Paz" school have been completed!

We really wanted to finalize this project as soon as possible in order to protect little children who were faced everyday with the risk of small accidents due to sharp pebbles on the floor. We finally made sure that the feet and knees of young students of Goma are safe.

Now everything is as smooth as silk


There aren't any secure cabinets in the classrooms or the secretariat office to preserve documents. To solve this problem, the association decided to dedicate a part of contributions to the purchase of 10 cabinets and desks

Some of the cabinets and desks which still need to be painted

Since April 2017 the classrooms and the secretariat office finally have safe cabinets to preserve documents and teaching materials.

(...and I pay it!)

This year as well (and let's hope that this will be the last time!), a payment must be made to the Ministry of Education for the compliance and recognition of the school.

The association intervened by paying 750 €.

(Local rent)

The number of students enrolled at school increased this year. 200 kids were not able to find seats in the classrooms. Therefore some nearby space had to be rented temporarily.

The association took the responsibility of the yearly rent (500 €).

(Healthy mind in healthy body)

This has been the most ambitious and, at the same time, the most necessary project of this year.
The sanitary status of the population and, most importantly, of the kids is at risk.
This region lacks the basic facilities, basic equipment and most common pharmaceuticals.
The biggest challenge of the association in 2017 has been the realisation of a health unit in Goma which would be serving both the residents of the region as well as the students. Madame Juliette, who is a doctor and a friend of Sister Brigitte and Don Jean, is the

Sister Brigitte with Doctor Juliette

responsible person of this health facility. The facility has water and electricity.

Sister Brigitte, in front of the entrance of the Health Unit

Our association helped this health unit by buying basic equipment and by sending some donated equipment from Lanciano. We have sent a big and mobile ultrasound machine to Goma, which was

donated by a medical center through the involvement of a doctor, friend of the association.

This has really been a very important gift to Goma. There are almost a million residents in Goma and unfortunately very few such machines.

A little patient is being taken care of

For several months the Health Unit is active and working.

A little patient is being taken care of

A few days ago, a doctor friend of our association from Lanciano donated a series of necessities to our health unit in Goma.

Instruments donated by the doctor

A priest and a friend of Don Jean Bosco personally delivered these donations to the health unit in Goma.

Instruments donated by the doctor

Like always, solidarity protects the poor!
Obviously the health unit in Goma will always be needing us for equipment and medicine supplies.
The costs will be expensive and the exact amount might not always be known beforehand.

Therefore this project will be continued in 2018 as well.

(Characters in search of an author)

Not all families of the students of "Reina de la Paz" school can provide the necessary nutrition for their kids. Consequently, some kids arrive at school feeling very tired.

Acqua Chiara Congo asked the donators to contribute 15 Euros each month to support these kids (there are about 50 of them) so that they can continue their education.
To each supporting donator a photo of the kid they are supporting will be sent. We hope that this will form a kind of friendship bond between the donator and the beneficiary.
You can download the participation form by clicking qui or you can directly reach out to a member of the association.
This initiative has already produced good results and about 20 kids have been enjoying the protection of their "guardian angels".