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Bibiche and the Microcredit activity

6 October 2015 - The start of the first activity

The activities advance slowly but with security! In this attachment you can find the photos of women who received the contributions sent by you.

Before the start of the activity, we did a market research in order to choose the goods and a sensitive operation for the good usage of the capital received or their little commercial activity...

11 November 2015 - Initial results

Thanks to the little amounts these women earn, babies have started to eat three times a day. They can also keep themselves clean because they have soap for their bodies. We’d like to thank you for all the affection that you showed us. We also thank God for having us united with you.

19 December 2016 - Microcredit Activities in Bukavu and Goma

The beneficiaries of microcredit have been seven families...these women perform the following activities: selling carbon, selling corn flour, selling dried fish, selling shopping bags. Every Friday we visit the families in order to see how things are going and if they face any difficulties...

On Christmas Day and New Year's Eve

14 december 2016

Here is a small budget for the Christmas party of our beneficiaries. We are planning to buy 4 bags of beans for $160, 4 bags of corn flour for $140, 4 bins of vegetable oil for $100 and $60 for the transport. The total cost equals to $460.
Note We would also like to buy meat but fear that the cost might be too high. Meat costs $130. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas.

26 December - Organization of the party

...after having received the money on Monday, we were able to buy the supplies today. Tomorrow we will distribute them to the women. We will send you the photos of this distribution activity...