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Join us for this solidarity project which has only one mission: donating a better future to the orphans or abandoned kids of the regions which are the poorest and most devastated area of the Democratic Republic of Congo: Northern and Southern Kivu.

With your support you can help us

finance our 8 current projects:

  1. Finalising the "Support from a distance" project aimed at all kids in need;
  2. Providing monthly support for teaching activities at "Reina de la Paz" school. The support will include needs related to equipment, education materials, and any other needs necessary to improve the service quality;
  3. If possible, purchasing a space of land near the school and making the school safer by surrounding it in order to protect the kids from robbers;
  4. Improving the workshop so that it functions optimally;
  5. Facilitating access to water, especially where it is mostly needed;
  6. Improving the conditions of the medical center. Supplying all urgent materials as indicated by Doctor Juliette;
  7. Improving the structure of the facility to serve the increasing need of demand;
  8. Supporting the microcredit initiative that was launched to help the widows of Bukavu;

For the realization of these projects

make a contribution and make this sentence your motto: "Hoc habeo, quodcumque dedi. (Seneca - De beneficiis, VI, 22)
I only possess this which I have donated.

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