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The Association "Acqua Chiara Congo" started like a group of solidarity and volunteering in memory of Maria Chiara Manini. The group found its reference points in:

  • JDon Jean Bosco Kasereka, from South Kivu (in the Democratic Republic of Congo) who acts as an apostle in Italy (Ortona, Abruzzo Region);
  • Sister Brigitte Kense Kalinda, from Orsoline, who launched and manages a nursery and primary school in the devastated outskirts of Goma with the help of Don Jean Bosco Kasereka;
  • Mrs. Georgette Bibiche, mother of four, who works in Bukavu in order to support poor families in this area.

In 2013, the parents of Maria Chiara started collaborating with sister Brigitte to build a classroom and other essential structures for the school "Reina de la Paz" as a way to express the feelings towards their lost daughter.

Sister Brigitte with her students in Goma

Mrs. Bibiche and her people in Bukavu

In the summer of 2015, Sister Brigitte and Mrs. Bibiche came to Lanciano where they met other generous and good people who had wanted to form a permanent group that could support the works of solidarity initiated by two women in the eastern rural area of the Democratic Republic of Congo, namely Kivu.