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SOLAR PANELS Associazione Acqua Chiara Congo Lanciano

Associazione acqua chiara congo ha sede a Lanciano aiuti per il trasporto dell'acqua da Lanciano
Taniche rotonde o roto-taniche
da Lanciano Associazione acqua chiara congo ha sede a Lanciano
rototaniche da parte dell'Associazione Acqua Chiara Congo di Lanciano
rototaniche per Goma, Bukavu e Kivu nel Congo da Lanciano
associazione acqua chiara congo lanciano Goma e Kivu.

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SOLAR PANELS (...and there was light)


The city of Goma (D.R. of Congo) does not receive enough supply of electricity. Especially, in Northern Kivu, only 3,1% of the population have access to electricity. The current electrical plants of the city are very old and they regularly cause fires.
Every morning, only two hours of electricity usage is guaranteed. This amount is barely sufficient in order to carry out some important activities such as watching TV or recharging cellular phones.


Within recent year the residents of Goma have involuntarily became pioneers in ecological evolution. Solar panels started appearing on the roofs. However, this situation has not been caused by ecological consciousness. It simply is a solution to the lack of access to electricity. Cheap solar panels arrive from China or Dubai whereas the most expensive ones come from Europe.


Maternity and elementary school "Reina de la Paz" has only one small solar panel which malfunctions and often is insufficient to even send an email. A solar panel of good quality may facilitate the communication and accelerate the completion of office works.


Our goal is to provide "Reina de la Paz" school a good quality solar panel.

Responsible person for the realization of the project: Sister Brigitte Kense (director of the school)

Price: 250W panel (battery, converter, materials, labor): € 1.077,00

Total cost: € 1.077,00

Financing: contribution by friends and supporters of "Acqua Chiara Congo".