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Pupitres et chaises. Association acqua chiara congo Lanciano

Associazione acqua chiara congo ha sede a Lanciano aiuti per il trasporto dell'acqua da Lanciano
Taniche rotonde o roto-taniche
da Lanciano Associazione acqua chiara congo ha sede a Lanciano
rototaniche da parte dell'Associazione Acqua Chiara Congo di Lanciano
rototaniche per Goma, Bukavu e Kivu nel Congo da Lanciano
associazione acqua chiara congo lanciano Goma e Kivu.

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DESKS & CHAIRS (...sit down please)


The nursery and primary school "Reina de la Paz" was born in Goma in 2011. Due to the continuous wars in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo many families abandoned their original villages and moved to the outskirts of Goma. Poor children and orphans are the ones more exposed to any type of danger. These children pass their entire days on streets of the city.


Upon seeing the seriousness of this situation, Don Jean Bosco and Sister Brigitte Kense had decided to intervene. At first, they bought a piece of land and built the first two classrooms using just simple tables made of wood. Afterwards, with the donation of Manini family in the memory of their daughter Chiara Manini, two classrooms, toilettes and a small office have been added.


  1. the number of enrolled students in school for the year (2015-2016) are around 400;
  2. there are 8 classrooms in total (3 are in good and 5 are in bad conditions);
  3. some classes are held out in open air;
  4. there is a need for 5 more classes;
  5. a teacher’s monthly salary is 50 €;
  6. the electricity is being distributed according to time slots and a group of generators is missing;
  7. malnutrition: undernourished children sometimes collapse during classes;


Our goal is the donation of 10 desks and 20 chairs to "Reina de la Paz" school in Goma


Responsible person for the realization of the project: Sister Brigitte Kense (President of the School)

The Price

Funding: contributions of the friends and supporters of "Acqua Chiara Congo".